Hello! I'm Michelle, and it seems you've stumbled across my little blog. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. 

Here's just a few quick facts about me. If you personally know me, you already know this, but I am not, and will not be caught without a cup of freshly brewed, rich, hot, black coffee within an arm's reach away. I adore creamy milk chocolate; preferably Lindt Lindor truffles... yum! I am a Florida state licensed facial specialist and CNA. I play the violin, and kind of remember how to play the piano (I've been without one for years now). I started crafting at the age of 9 when my mommy gave me my first sewing machine. My very first creation was a dainty little dress made from some old curtain sheers mom gave me. I mostly learned how to sew by making doll clothes for my American Girl Doll, Felicity, and I've been enjoying the crafting world ever since! Ok, enough fun facts, lemme tell you where I'm from. 

I'm currently living in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband, Joel, son, Caleb, and our dogs, Barkley and Misty (forewarning; our little family is Superman obsessed, lol). However, I'm originally from a little town in Northwest Ga called Ringgold. For the 99.9% of you who have never even heard of Ringgold; I'm from Chattanooga, TN. ;-) I'm also expecting a beautiful baby girl in September of 2014!

Caleb, My Son
Barkley, The Dog (Sorry, no pictures of Misty... she is camera shy, lol)
Superhero Family

In September of 2012 my husband, Joel, and I finally decided to get married. Now... I briefly mentioned above our love for Superman, but what I didn't mention is that our wedding was Superman Themed! You can read all about it, and view pictures HERE.

After the hitchin', my husband joined the United States Navy. This is when my blogging and entrepreneur ideas really started to take off. With the thought of  my husband being gone alot of the time, I realized I needed to be home more for our son, and focus on being a strong support system for him. I also had a reality check when I realized I was going to have to quit my job, move, and look for a new job who knows how many times. So... in June of 2013, I took a huge leap. I quit my very well paying job in higher education to pursue my business. Now working from home and being a Mother are my full time jobs! 

My Sailor!
I would not be able to do what I have been  dreaming of doing for such a long time if it were  not for my wonderful husband, Joel. He is so supportive of me in everything I do. He's been behind me 110% from day 1 with my business endeavors, and cheers me on when I need it most! To my husband, thank you, Joel, for everything you do; for me and our family as well as our wonderful country we have the privilege of living in!