Thursday, October 8, 2015

Decluttering a Tiny Kitchen Part 1

have a pretty small kitchen with very little counter space. Needless to say, keeping clutter off of my counters with 5 children in our cozy 1400 sqft home is a constant battle. Well, last night I had enough. I want my tiny kitchen to feel bigger. My solution: get stuff off the counters and give everything a home. Simple, right? 

I have a huge family, and I'm busy... like all the time. Let's be real. I have 5 kids (one is a disabled adult). I've have 2 schools to hit up for drop offs and pickups every day (taking up almost 3 hours of my time). During the day, I take care of my 1 year old and disabled sister - not to mention the countless things that need to be done every day like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and yard work. We also have ball practice every single day of the week and games all day on Saturdays, then church on Sundays. So, I've set a very realistic goal to declutter and organize 1-2 counters/cabinets a day. Taking charge of your home doesn't have to come in one big swoop. Do what you can when you can, and you'll stress a lot less. 

I wish I had thought to capture a "before" picture of the counter space, and the cabinet under the sink that I tackled yesterday, but this is pretty much what all of my kitchen looks like (Giant face palm).


This is pretty much the size of all my counter spaces too. Big, Right? Haha 
Well, that's not the counter I decided to tackle. I'll get that one today or tomorrow 😊 Yesterday, I took care of the counter next to my sink and over my dishwasher. 

You know the that big ole dish drying rack that we all need, but just takes up unnecessary counter space? Bye Felicia! 

That was the first thing I ditched. Who needs that when you can simply use a dish drying pad that conveniently folds up when the dishes have dried? 

Next, I have this beautiful glass cake stand/fruit bowl that I bought a long time ago... Way before children ever came into the picture. Again, I don't have room for that, and it takes up way too much counter space. 

I took a deep breath, and decided it was time to say goodbye. I had made the decision to ditch it, but then I had to decide what I was going to do with my bananas. Luckily, I remembered this awesome basket I purchased on clearance for only $5 back in the spring. It was perfect! 

It holds an entire large bunch of bananas I bought at SAMs very well, but I wants to get everything off my counter. That's when I had the idea to hang the basket from the tile back splash. 

I always have a pack of these handy, and cost effective sticky hooks on hand. I grabbed mine at Target. 

These worked great for hanging the basket, and they're holding up very well considering the weight of the bananas. 

And here's my clutter free kitchen counter number 1! 

One day, soon I hope, I'll get to take all the wall paper down and repaint everything; even the cabinets! Until then, baby steps! 

Have a happy day!